Yes, You Should Go See Me Before You

I’m not one to cry at many movies or go along with a classic love story, but my book club has been reading Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. Naturally, I am behind so I attended a preview screening of the new movie version of Me Before You to make sure I’d have something to contribute at our next meeting.

However, I might have found one of my new favorite movies.

Emilia Clarke fantastically warms up every cold, dead heart (including mine) with her portrayal of Louisa Clark, Me Before You’s heroine. Louisa is giggly, energetic and has a heart of gold – while she’s borderline cartoonish at times, you can’t help but fall in love with her.

Me Before You Movie

Louisa, hopelessly lacking the direction and desire to chase after her own dreams instead of helping the people she loves, becomes a caretaker for the rich and handsome (former) playboy Will Traynor, played by Sam Claflin. Will had everything he ever wanted, from his beautiful girlfriend to globe-trotting adventure to a future taking over his wealthy family’s legacy and castle when he was hit by a motorcycle and became a quadriplegic.

As Will comes to term with his new life and a future limited by his health, his attitude and outlook completely changes to the dismay of his parents. With Louisa’s caring, effervescent spirit, she makes it her mission to bring Will away from the darkness. Will and Louisa grow as characters with a decent dose of humor considering the film’s subject.

Love stories for millennials often follow the usual script with typical characters – this is not that same story. Me Before You is a funny and enveloping story that will pull you in with every one of Emilia Clarke’s expressive eyebrow movements and Sam Claflin’s sly smiles. Their witty banter, the stellar soundtrack and beautiful scenery take you on along on the journey. By the end, you’ll feel called to get out of your theater seat, go out into the world and just live.

Well, to live boldly, of course.


Me Before You, directed by Thea Sharrock and based upon the novel by Jojo Moyes, releases on Friday, June 3, 2016.

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