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When people would tell me that they listened to podcasts, I scoffed. How pretentious, I thought. However, when I started commuting 45 minutes one-way each day, I realized that I absolutely could not listen to the radio. After getting addicted last year to the amazing Serial, I decided to give other podcasts a chance. And am I glad I did.


By starting every morning with a podcast, I’m able to start my day learning something new or gaining a different perspective. Podcasts with a story are my favorite, but I’ve started listening to a variety of different ones, from self-help to language training. Here’s my favorite podcasts to pass the time with:

Crimetown – An in-depth look at Providence, Rhode Island, and its mob influences. A fascinating and little known story in this new podcast.

This American Life – A classic NPR stable that examines life, ideals and the people that make up our country. Each podcast tells a series of stories in a specific theme and each is a captivating look at what it means to live in the red, white and blue.

Revolutionist History – Author Malcolm Gladwell just wrapped the first season of his podcast that goes back into history and uncovers a new perspective about an event, person or idea that impacted the way history has been written.

More Perfect – In this series, each episode is dedicated to a Supreme Court case and the way the case and the Supremes have changed the culture and legal landscape. Sounds boring, but each episode is more story than biography.

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Undone – Undone goes deeper into historical events, focusing on the headlines that seemed to be over, but were just beginning.

Note to Self – Note to Self covers the intersection of tech in our daily lives, billing itself as “the tech show about being human.” It covers every aspect, from phones spying on you to distracted driving and more.

Radiolab – Radiolab covers any and every topic, told conversationally between its two hosts and a variety of reporters. Episodes dive into concepts like rhino hunting to people born in cults and trying to form their own identity.


What’s your favorite podcast?

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