Love in 2017
Author and podcast host Gretchen Rubin recommends choosing a word as a theme for your new year. Last year was a year of saying yes for me – yes to my fiancee, yes to buying a house, yes to pushing myself to things that were scary, yes to getting a dog, yes to signing up for my first marathon. I have always felt it’s better to just try something and say yes at least once, but last year I really took it to heart.
I’ve taken the first few days of 2017 to think about what to make a conscious decision to focus on. Love seems to be something we all need a bit more of, as well as something that will show itself almost every month this year. Not only to we have our own wedding, but we will have at least 10 other weddings in 2017. To say that this will be a literal year of love would be an understatement! But I want to take that word and apply it further to the way I treat anyone that comes into my love and have a bit more compassion. I also want to make sure that I’m expressing my love whether through my words or small actions to the people that mean the most to me.
The things and the people that I love will be a bigger priority for me. If I don’t particularly love something or if it does not bring me joy, then I am making efforts to remove it from my life. By focusing on the things I love the most, I think it will bring the most joy and positivity to my life which will hopefully help the people around me.
2016 was a big year for me with many changes that will forever impact my life. And I can’t wait for 2017 to get rolling.
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