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Stole It from the Internet

As we all know, Kim Kardashian was robbed of over $10 million worth of jewelry this weekend in Paris. This unfortunate circumstance highlighted the Kardashian family’s concerns over how social media plays into security and safety. But celebrities aren’t the only ones who should be worried. If you know the right search terms, you can find out very key details

Link Love: theSkimm

Every morning I wake up, before I put on my makeup… …I check my email. Chances are you do too. While I try not to answer too many work emails while in bed, there are a few personal emails I get that I always read. I love starting my day reading theSkimm, a daily newsletter that combines the hot topics

Instagram Stories Takes on Snapchat

Instagram recently launched Instagram Stories, a Snapchat-like feature built in to Instagram. The feature is slowly rolling out to all profiles for posting content, but all profiles can currently view Instagram Stories. What It Is Instagram Stories will last for 24 hours. Users can add emojis, drawings and text to images either uploaded to the program or captured in the

Donate & Shop on AmazonSmile

It’s Amazon Prime Day! As you get started clicking and saving, there’s one more step you should be taking – donating to charity. It’s easier than it sounds – instead of purchasing at, go to and Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to a charitable organization at no cost to you! I now make all

Twitter – Soon with over 140 Characters

Twitter announced today a few changes that will heavily impact how we write copy. Some of these aren’t surprising, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see if this impacts Twitter’s growth problem.  All of the changes allow for more freedom in expression and increase usability on the platform: ·         @Names will no longer count toward the 140 characters ·         Media

3 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Snapchat

Snapchat – so hot right now. There’s no questioning that the photo and video app has taken the social media world by storm. After catching on with a younger audience, the platform is starting to gain traction with more brands and an older audience. But just because it’s the hottest platform since Instagram doesn’t mean that everyone’s using it the