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Love in 2017

Author and podcast host Gretchen Rubin recommends choosing a word as a theme for your new year. Last year was a year of saying yes for me – yes to my fiancee, yes to buying a house, yes to pushing myself to things that were scary, yes to getting a dog, yes to signing up for my first marathon. I

Start Listening to A Podcast

When people would tell me that they listened to podcasts, I scoffed. How pretentious, I thought. However, when I started commuting 45 minutes one-way each day, I realized that I absolutely could not listen to the radio. After getting addicted last year to the amazing Serial, I decided to give other podcasts a chance. And am I glad I did.

How Social Media & Econ Work Together

We all remember the importance of supply and demand from high school economics – the greater the supply, the less people will want it. But the less the supply? Demand becomes unstoppable. Supply and demand runs rampant on social media. People are driving in droves to be one of the first to have Snap’s new Spectacles that are only available

Saving Money with Honey

What’s sweeter than saving money? Not a whole lot! And that’s where Honey comes in. Honey is a browser extension that will pull in codes for popular shopping sites, helping to get you the lowest price possible or any extra perks. Honey also offers the chance to earn cash back on select purchases. Just download the browser and click on

Donate & Shop on AmazonSmile

It’s Amazon Prime Day! As you get started clicking and saving, there’s one more step you should be taking – donating to charity. It’s easier than it sounds – instead of purchasing at, go to and Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to a charitable organization at no cost to you! I now make all

Yes, You Should Go See Me Before You

I’m not one to cry at many movies or go along with a classic love story, but my book club has been reading Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. Naturally, I am behind so I attended a preview screening of the new movie version of Me Before You to make sure I’d have something to contribute at our next meeting.