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Stole It from the Internet

As we all know, Kim Kardashian was robbed of over $10 million worth of jewelry this weekend in Paris. This unfortunate circumstance highlighted the Kardashian family’s concerns over how social media plays into security and safety. But celebrities aren’t the only ones who should be worried. If you know the right search terms, you can find out very key details

4 Signs a Facebook Post is Fake

Every year, somehow everyone on Facebook gets fooled into thinking that Southwest is giving away free flights or Ray-Bans or something absolutely ridiculous. At this point, we should all be aware that these are NOT REAL – these are made by scammers and created to specifically look like actual promotions. However, there’s a few things that can help you determine

Twitter – Soon with over 140 Characters

Twitter announced today a few changes that will heavily impact how we write copy. Some of these aren’t surprising, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see if this impacts Twitter’s growth problem.  All of the changes allow for more freedom in expression and increase usability on the platform: ·         @Names will no longer count toward the 140 characters ·         Media

3 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Snapchat

Snapchat – so hot right now. There’s no questioning that the photo and video app has taken the social media world by storm. After catching on with a younger audience, the platform is starting to gain traction with more brands and an older audience. But just because it’s the hottest platform since Instagram doesn’t mean that everyone’s using it the

3 Ways to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile

Chances are, you’ve used social media to better your life. From inspiration to social connections to learning information, the biggest social media channels likely have a daily presence in your life. But are you using them to better your work life too? Creating and curating a presence on LinkedIn is easier than you think and can be hugely beneficial to

The #SuperBowl’s 3 Biggest Winners

The Super Bowl is the biggest night of the year for advertisers. Commercials, social media posts and event activations inundate consumers – it might be the biggest game of the year, but no one is watching just for the football. After reviewing all the brand activations, there’s a few that stand out. 1. Best Commercial: The best commercial was definitely Dorito’s