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Twitter – Soon with over 140 Characters

Twitter announced today a few changes that will heavily impact how we write copy. Some of these aren’t surprising, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see if this impacts Twitter’s growth problem.  All of the changes allow for more freedom in expression and increase usability on the platform: ·         @Names will no longer count toward the 140 characters ·         Media

Twitter Launches Autoplay Video

Twitter announced today that videos shown in-stream will now be automatically played, creating a more thumb-stopping and seamless experience for users. What It Is Videos uploaded natively, Vines and GIFs will start to play in feed automatically without sound without hitting a button or clicking to expand the details of the tweet. If a video is engaged with (clicking on

Head and Shoulders Gets Flakey Engagement for Consumer Promoted Tweet

Using customer tweets to benefit your brand is always a tricky situation. Retweeting positive tweets from fans can help spread good sentiment and awareness. Brands often put paid support behind celebrity or spokesperson tweets to garner favor with their fans. Utilizing influencers can create brand ambassadors and increase reach, gaining new customers. There’s more than enough ways to safely connect

Twitter Analytics: A New Way to Make the Most of Your Social Presence

At the end of August, Twitter announced that it was opening its analytics up to almost all users. Now, brands, celebrities and everyday Twitter users can see how many people view their tweets, engage with their posts, follow (or unfollow) their profiles and more. Twitter isn’t the first platform to provide analytics, but it’s the first major social channel to

#TheMoreYouKnow: Buy now! Twitter launches “buy” button

Twitter announced today that it’s launching a “buy” button for selected accounts. Here’s what you need to know in today’s #TheMoreYouKnow: What is it: It’s official. After some spotting a “buy button” on certain tweets, Twitter announce on Monday that it is launching a button in your timeline to let users purchase items directly from Twitter. The button is available to