Hello. My name is Katrina Steffensen, and I run this blog.

Why This Blog

I started this blog in August 2014 because I was simply tired of thoughtless social media content from “experts” that’s constantly shared on the web with some trashy graphic. People who work in social media constantly get a bad rep for this. I want those of us that work in the social space to have a chance to really talk about what matters in a well-designed, well-managed, knowledgable environment. I want to share with you what I’ve learned in working in the social world, primarily through community management, on a deeper level. I want to give you the chance to talk about why we need to change, evolve or grow in a way that doesn’t just work, but is acceptable socially in the world, online and off. I also want to talk about what life working in this weird digital/public relations/marketing/social media world is like for someone growing up as the social media world grows up. We’ve not only got to dress the part at work, but we’ve also got to keep in mind that we wore that outfit on Instagram yesterday. That’s the kind of thought process that’s become socially acceptable now. A little bit of digital marketing, a little bit of digital living. That’s who we are these days.

What I Do

I believe the best way to engage with consumers is by connecting a brand to its fans through authentic relationships on social media. Through community management and social strategy, I build brand awareness and affinity between online ambassadors and social communities with top brands such as Gatorade, Chevrolet and GM. I’ve managed global brand sponsorships for international sport teams Manchester United and Liverpool FC, and event activations around the world, from SXSW to the ESPYS to Manchester, England.

I won the Community Manager Appreciation Day award for People’s Champion in 2014 based on my engagement with Gatorade’s more than 7 million followers and fans. I have also won several industry awards from the One Show, Cannes Lions, CLIO, AAF and PRSA, among others. My work has been featured in Ad Age, Adweek, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, USA TODAY and on hundreds of social channels. Most of all, I’m a proud Texan and University of Missouri graduate, where she majored in Spanish and journalism with a focus in business. For a more detailed view of my professional career, please visit my LinkedIn page.

Who I Am

I’m a person that likes challenges, working to create something and having fun. I’ve run two half marathons (so far) without much training just because I wanted to prove that I could. I’ve always gone by my heart instead of going by what’s cool, whether it’s choosing to try out for choir instead of cheerleading or performing at Renaissance Festivals instead of going to Halloween parties. I believe honesty and being true are the most important values. I’ve got a guinea pig named Phillip. I like terrible television, the color blue and pretty much any food. Especially if jalapenos are involved.

Katrina Steffensen, Social Media Manager

I currently live in Kansas City after a short stint in Austin, Texas., and St. Louis, Missouri. I grew up in Houston, Texas, and attended college at the University of Missouri. I still make it back to Mizzou to speak with Journalism students, which I absolutely love doing. I studied abroad in 2010 in Seville, Spain (where I also blogged), so I’ve got a special love for the Spanish culture even down to Kansas City’s Sevillian-themed Country Club Plaza. I love to travel, and, obviously move between Texas and Missouri.

Now that you’ve met me, introduce yourself in the comments or on my social channels on the right navigation.